Hey Beauté babe!! Even though you're at the top of your lash game, it's never too late to learn something new. Eyelash extensions have grown to be one of the top beauty services offered and fellow lash artists are everywhere! There may be some things that you're still unclear about and that's perfectly fine. For instance, once eyelash extensions are applied, what is the best way to help those lashes stay attached to your client's natural lashes with great retention?

Let's talk about it! Most lash artists are usually taught that a lash extension sealant is an absolutely necessity to ending the lash extension process. An eyelash extension sealant to eyelash extensions is what a topcoat is to nail polish.  There is a range of many different sealants that claim to be the best and work the most effectively. Although that may be the case, be careful with lash extension sealants, though -- you can't just put anything on your masterpiece!

Why You're Taught To Use a Lash Extension Sealant

Since anything with oil in it is not good for eyelash extensions and can break down the glue, lash extension sealants should be water-soluble.  The goal with sealants is to act as an protective coating for eyelash extensions without damaging all of the work you've put into applying those lashes. Above all, you don't want any ingredients that'll weaken the glue which results in premature lash shedding. 

How Eyelash Extension Sealant Is Applied

Depending on the product, there may be a brush used to apply the sealant that reminds you of a nail polish brush, but I recommend using a disposable micro brush applicator. It cuts down the risk of cross-contamination. The sealant is applied as directed on the bottle and usually isn't applied until the lashes have dried after lash application.

An alternative To Lash Extension Sealants 

As advised by an lash artist, client's should wait 24-72 hours after the lash extensions have been done to allow the adhesive to fully cure (dry), which may cause anxiety because most clients like to proceed with their daily activities and even those who are going on upcoming trips. To ease the anxiety and speed up the drying phase; using a Nano Miser is effective to curing or "sealing" eyelash extensions quickly. 

Some of your client's may not like the idea of having to wait 24-72 hours for their lashes to dry and may not be candidates for lash sealants. Trying a Nano Mister may be the best option. You can achieve the dame results for your client's in a natural way without having to use the sealant that's loaded with a bunch of different ingredients. 

Without a doubt, good lash extension sealants can be a good investment, getting a Nano Mister will help get the ball rolling on prolonging the life of your client's lash extensions. 

Purchase A Nano Mister

What is a Nano Mister? It's a small handheld device filled with distilled water that sprays just the right amount of mist to your client's lashes at the end of application. As stated above, Nano Mister's help cure your client's lashes faster. With the use of a Nano Mister, your client's lashes will be cured by the end of their appointment. Nano Mister's cure the lash extensions by ensuring the interaction of the hydrogen in the water with the active ingredient in eyelash extension glue and the Nano Mister's automatic timer prevents the spread of too much moisture.

Can You Still Use a Nano Mister & Lash Extension Sealant?

In the event that your client still wants you to use a sealant for their lashes to prolong their lash retention, you can use it. Make sure you cure the lashes with the Nano Mister first, then add the sealant. Beauté by J. Simone makes sure all clients and fellow lash artists ensures the longevity and beauty of all client's lashes. Need more tips and tricks? Follow Beautebyjsimone on all social media platforms!